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Committed to improving quality of life, one client at a time.



Couch photoLEAC makes every effort to respect the confidentiality of information you provide in either written or verbal form. There are limits placed on your confidentiality and your counsellor discusses the details with you during your first meeting.


Before releasing information to be sent elsewhere, you will be required to sign a “Release of Information” form. For more details contact us at 519-432-1821. The only information shared with member companies is annual aggregated statistical information.





How is LEAC funded?

LEAC is funded solely by employers as a company benefit for their staff. There are no claim forms required. Services are available to you and your dependents for as often as needed and free of charge.

Phone: 519-432-1821
Email: leacltd@gmail.com
Fax: 519-644-1753

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