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Why choose LEAC?

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  • We offer uncapped counselling. This means that you do not have to adhere to a set number of sessions per year. This is goal-oriented and outcome-oriented counselling in which you are aiming to improve some aspect of your life. Clients can discuss closure at any point they wish, or counsellors may suggest a time when it would make sense to tie up the file.


  • All LEAC counsellors are registered with a college in psychology, social work or educational counselling.


  • Our definition of a ‘dependent’ is more inclusive. For example, family members who may no longer live at home are eligible, at no cost to them, to receive counselling at LEAC.


  • LEAC is locally based in the communities where you live and work. With two sites – one in London since 1976 and another in St. Thomas since 2015 – you’ll find us quickly and easily. View maps


  • Critical incident stress debriefing is available at LEAC to help you deal with a traumatic event. Talking to one of our seasoned counsellors about the incident when it happens and without judgment or criticism helps you regain control of your life and return to a state of normalcy.


  • When you call LEAC, a person answers rather than a recorded message. This is available 24 hours/7 days a week.


  • Clients can re-access counselling at any time by calling their counsellor at 519-432-1821.


  • LEAC counselling programs help employers motivate staff, reduce costs, and help lower staff turnover.


  • All counselling services are available for non-member companies on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

An important feature to any counselling program at LEAC is confidentiality. Read more

Phone: 519-432-1821
Email: leacltd@gmail.com
Fax: 519-644-1753

Photo of desk and chair

Photo of desk and chair

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Photo of desk and chair